Sep 19, 2018

Moscow, September 19, 2018 The RBC magazine included FUTURE Financial Group in the annual rating of the 500 Largest Russian Companies. The Group is ranked 189th. CEO of FUTURE Financial Group Marina Rudneva was ranked number 13 in RBC's list of 25 Female CEOs in Russian Business.

"The inclusion of FG FUTURE, which combines private pension funds, in the rating of the largest Russian companies is a fair reflection of the position of this economic sector in our country. Private pension funds serve 37 mln citizens in the Russian Federation and our company is one of the largest representatives of the market," stated Marina Rudneva.

The RBC rating has been carried out annually since 2015. Those involved in the 2018 RBC study of the 500 Largest Russian Companies are holding companies that disclose consolidated financial reporting for the results of their activities. For companies in the financial sector, the total operating and interest income and pension contributions are considered as revenue equivalent. In the rating, which was published in September 2017, the Group was represented by the flagship fund FUTURE, ranked at 214.

The ranking of the 500 Largest Russian Companies was published in RBC magazine (issue No. 10, October 2018).

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FUTURE Financial Group combines private pension funds FUTURE, Telekom Soyuz, Sotsialnoe Razvitie and Obrazovanie, taking leading positions in their segments and providing for approximately 5.1 mln people. The total assets under the Company's management exceeds RUB 328 billion. FUTURE Financial Group was established in 2016 to unify the management system of the group of funds.