Jun 7, 2018

FG FUTURE's delegation headed by Marina Rudneva took part in the XXVII International Financial Congress (IFC-2018) and the session "What should the Russian pension system look like? Key directions", which was organized by the Association of Non-State Pension Funds (ANPF) as part of the event.

The session participants discussed prospects for improving the Russian pension system and the specifics of developing the system in other countries. Particular attention was paid to reducing the overall number of citizen complaints about NPFs from 2017 to 2018 related to the suspension of applications for transferring pension savings through certification centers (CC).

As part of the discussion, the participants came to the conclusion that the market needs fundamental measures such as legislative change in the transition procedure in order to achieve further positive changes. Different options for amendments have been discussed at different times, but they still do not provide a mechanism for getting up-to-date information on possible losses to insured people in a timely manner.

The XXVII International Financial Congress (IFC-2018), the largest professional event in the field of finance, was held on June 6–8, 2018 in St. Petersburg. Within the framework of the congress, topical issues in the financial industry were discussed, as well as the development of regulation and supervision on the financial market, monetary policy, and economic development.

The FG FUTURE delegation included Maria Kalinkina, CEO of NPF FUTURE, a flagship company of FUTURE Financial Group, Pavel Tkachenko, Vice-President of Client Service of NPF FUTURE, and Ekaterina Tsukanova, Director of Development, Marketing and Corporate Communications of FUTURE Financial Group.