FUTURE Financial Group maintains a well-considered policy of financial management.

This ensures the long-term financial stability of the Company. FG FUTURE’s financial stability is assessed via ratings by leading credit rating agencies that play an important role when obtaining external financing. The rating agencies take into account a number of key parameters characterizing the financial standing of the Сompany, including the amount of total debt, current liabilities, current and future liquidity requirements and cash flow. Ratings may be considered as an independent assessment of the Corporation's strategic goals and its competitive positions in strategic business areas. The ratings also take into account the quality and structure of corporate governance and minority shareholders interests.

The Expert Research Center included FUTURE Financial Group in the top 200 largest companies by market value – Capitalization-200. Data from the Moscow Exchange was used to prepare this rating. Capitalization-200 includes 200 of the largest issuers whose shares are placed or circulate in the form of depositary receipts on the Moscow Exchange from August 1, 2017 to August 1, 20

The RBC magazine included FUTURE Financial Group in the 500 Largest Russian Companies annual rating. The Group is ranked 189th. CEO of FUTURE Financial Group Marina Rudneva was ranked number 13 in RBC's list of 25 Female CEOs in Russian Business.

Flagship pension fund NPF FUTURE is among the largest private pension funds based on the results of H1 2018 and takes fifth place in terms of Client Funds and third in terms of the Number of Contracts. The largest Russian private pension funds were rated at the request of the PRIME Business News Agency on July 1, 2018 by RIA rating experts on the basis of data from the Central Bank of Russia.