Jan 12, 2017
Marina Rudneva, the CEO of FUTURE Financial Group, spoke at Gaidar Forum

On January 12 Marina Rudneva, the CEO of FUTURE Financial Group, participated in an expert discussion on "Qualitative changes in the financial institutions of Russia within the last 25 years" at the Gaidar Forum.

The participants discussed the stability of the Russian financial sector, the qualitative changes of its regulation in recent years and the role of financial institutions in the country’s economic growth. The participants paid special attention to the banking and pension markets.

Marina Rudneva, the CEO of FUTURE Financial Group, stated that

"In the past three years, the Bank of Russia made three fundamentally important, quite tough, but very effective decisions. It carried out the corporatization of non-state pension funds, checked the assets of these funds before gathering participants for the guarantee system by analogy with the Deposit Insurance Agency and made the investment policy more severe. This improved the transparency and stability of the market and made it more systematic.

Along with this, the role of pension funds in the economy was constantly increasing during this three-year period. Today, over RUB 2 trillion are under the management of non-state pension funds, which is a significant amount. Presently, more than 10% of Russian corporate bonds are on the balance sheet of non-state pension funds and the funds are actively investing in infrastructure projects. This gives a good support to the national economy."