Dec 9, 2016
NPF FUTURE, one of the FUTURE Financial Group’s funds, became a partner of the Olympian’s Ball in Moscow

On December 8, 2016, the Russian Olympian’s Ball took place at the "Manege" Central Exhibition Hall in Moscow. This year, it was to celebrate the achievements of the Russian Olympic team at the XXXI Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The Olympic Committee of Russia is traditionally the organizer of this event, and NPF FUTURE, which is a part of FUTURE Financial Group, became a partner in the framework of 2016-2018 Olympic cycles.

Over 1,000 people were guests of this celebration, in particular, participants of the XXXI Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, legendary Russian Olympians, top Russian coaches, the heads of Russian sports federations, eminent state and public figures and the heads of the companies that are partners of the Olympic Committee of Russia. Honoring the heroes of Rio was the main part of the Ball. The champions and prizewinners of the XXXI Olympic Games received commemorative rings with the Olympic symbols. This tradition was introduced in 2014 by the Olympic Committee of Russia to showcase the special status of athletes and their merits to their country during the past Olympic Games in Sochi.