Dec 30, 2016
RAEX rating agency (Expert RA) assigned an “A” rating to FUTURE Financial Group

On December 30, 2016, RAEX Rating Agency (Expert RA) assigned an “A” Rating to FUTURE Financial Group, which is a high credit level and a third sublevel, outlook stable.

Key factors influencing the results of the RAEX rating are a high capital adequacy level (0.94 as of September 30, 2016), support for the beneficiary, the absence of pledged assets and a high level of assets intended to be pledged. The rating agency noted that at the rating assignment date there were no pledged assets and thus, all the shares of the non-state pension funds owned by the Company were free from plegde and amounted to RUB 53.7 bln as per the market value. The low level of currency risks (assets and liabilities, income and expenses are in rubles) and a moderately high level of financial information disclosure were noted as well.

Marina Rudneva, the CEO of FUTURE Financial Group, stated that

"This is the first rating ever assigned to FUTURE Financial Group, and the fact that it's high shows that we have the right development strategy. Today, FUTURE Financial Group is one of the leaders of the pension market that sets a positive tendency; since autumn 2016, the Company has been on the stock market, engaging in the consolidation of funds and making new acquisitions. As we've made an initial public offering, we strive for maximum transparency and hope that the RAEX rating will help investors and analysts to objectively assess our company and the clients of our funds to feel at ease on the pension market."