Sep 1, 2016
The non-state pension funds of the O1 GROUP summarized their results for H1 2016

September 1, 2016

– The non-state pension funds the O1 Group summarized their results for H1 2016. According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (the Bank of Russia), as of June 30, 2016, the pension assets of the Group reached RUB 274 bln, including RUB 245.6 bln of pension savings and RUB 28.5 bln of pension reserves. The number of compulsory pension insurance clients and non-state pension insurance clients exceeded 4.5 mln people. These results do not take into account the performance indicators of NPF Nashe Budushchee (the new name of NPF Russian Standard, the name change documents of which are under registration in the Bank of Russia and the registration authority), a fund that joined the holding in July 2016.

The O1 Group occupies the 4th place among the largest pension fund owners by the number of clients and pension savings. In accordance with these indicators, the Group maintains a market share of 13% and 12%, respectively. 3.9 mln people out of 30 mln residents who have retirement savings in non-state pension funds are the clients of the O1 Group’s funds. NPF FUTURE, being the largest funds of the Group, serves 3.7 mln insured people and occupies the 2nd place by this indicator among all funds rendering compulsory pension insurance services. The fund occupies the 3rd place by the scope of managed pension savings.

The total number of clients of the non-state pension insurance program of the O1 Group’s funds amounted to 576,000 people; the fund paid more than RUB 857 mln in non-state pensions. At the moment, NPF Telecom-Soyuz is the key fund of the Group engaged in NPI development: the fund occupies the 3rd place by the number of NPI program participants.

The Group’s funds continued developing a well-considered investment policy in H1 2016. As of June 30, 2016, NPF Telecom-Soyuz and NPF Uralsib demonstrated a higher profit gained from CPI than that of the state management company at the level of 12.51% and 12.54%, respectively; the funds are in the Top 10 of the largest Russian non-state pension funds by this indicator. NPF Telecom-Soyuz also occupies the 6th place by NPI profit – the profit gained by the fund from the placement of pension reserves has amounted to 14.66% since the beginning of the year.

As of today, the O1 Group includes the top 5 leading funds: NPF FUTURE, NPF Telecom-Soyuz, NPF Uralsib, NPF Russian Standard and NPF Obrazovaniye. At the same time, NPF Uralsib and NPF Russian Standard are currently under a merger with NPF FUTURE, which has been planned to be completed before the end of the year. The unified fund will continue operating under the name FUTURE. All funds of the Group perform their activities in strict compliance with the law and form part of the insured people’s rights guarantee system.

The Group’s funds demonstrate stable indicators, both by the number of clients and by management quality of the pension funds. The Company continues to develop the pension business of the holding by introducing the best business practices of the pension market and uniform management standards in compliance with legal and regulating requirements and by establishing an investment strategy that is stable despite market fluctuations.