Feb 27, 2018

The FUTURE flagship fund, one of the top three non-state pension funds (NPF) in Russia in terms of numbers of insured people and volume of pension savings, announces that as of February 27, 2018, CEO Nikolay Sidorov is leaving the company in view of the termination of his contract, in order to concentrate on developing his own projects.

The position of CEO (prior to approval of the acting CEO by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation) will be filled by Maria Kalinkina, who is currently Vice-President of Sales and oversees cooperation with leading corporate clients, including JSC Russian Railways, PAO Severstal, and other leading representatives of the Russian corporate sector. In her new post, Ms. Kalinkina will focus on strengthening the leadership position of NPF FUTURE and continue to develop relationships with key clients.
The handover of responsibilities will take place until the end of the first quarter of 2018, and during this time Nikolay Sidorov will remain in the company as advisor to the CEO.

Marina Rudneva, CEO, FG FUTURE: 
"During the period in which Nikolay Sidorov was at the helm of NPF FUTURE, serious changes took place in the industry sector, both structural and regulatory, which demanded a high level of professionalism from fund employees. Under the leadership of Nikolay, NPF FUTURE was the first in the market to begin consolidation; it unified three funds, and as a result occupied a leadership position. In this period, the fund also continued to participate in the development of standards for the pension sector and took part in active dialog with regulators with regard to the introduction of new risk management procedures and asset management. We greatly appreciate Nikolay's contribution to the development of the company and wish him the best of success in future endeavours! In her new post, I am sure that Maria Kalinkina's experience and expertise will allow her to maintain and strengthen the fund's position in the sector and facilitate it's continual development."

Nikolay Sidorov became CEO of NPF FUTURE in April 2015. Under his leadership, the fund unified NPF StalFond, NPF Uralsib, and NPF Our Future, and as a result became one of the top 3 non-state pension funds in Russia. The fund also actively participated in the development of industry sector standards and discussions on legislative change. Mr Sidorov has almost 20 years experience in management in the financial sector, and was Chairman of the Board of Absolut Bank from 2005 to 2013, before joining the fund. During his time there, Absolut Bank occupied a leadership position in the sector. In 2011, Mr Sidorov received the title of Banker of the Year from the Association of Russian Banks.

Maria Kalinkina has worked in the pension sector for over 10 years. In 1997, she completed a degree in Political Science at Saint Petersburg State University, and in 2004 received an MBA at the Higher Business School of Lomonosov Moscow State University. From 2003 to 2008, she was Director of Regional Development at NPF StalFond, and from 2008–2014, she was Director of Customer Service. In January 2015, she became Vice-President of Sales and Customer Service. In this period, the sales block demonstrated some of the best results in the market, making NPF StalFond one of the leading non-state pension funds in Russia. After the incorporation of NPF StalFond and NPF FUTURE, Maria Kalinkina continued to work at the joint fund as Head of Sales.

Information on the fund:
NPF FUTURE JSC is a non-state pension fund engaged in compulsory pension insurance and non-state pension insurance. It was established on the basis of NPF Blagosostoyaniye and NPF StalFond, and is part of the FUTURE Financial Group (managing NPF FUTURE, NPF Telecom-Soyuz and NPF Obrazovaniye). It is part of a system to guarantee the rights of insured people. According to the CRB data as of July 30, 2017, the fund occupies 3rd place in terms of number of customers (4.5 mln insured people) and 3rd place in terms of amount of pension savings (RUB 300 bln). It occupies 185th place in the Top 500 Largest Russian Companies, according to the RBC Information Agency rating.

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