Oct 20, 2016
FUTURE Financial Group announces IPO price range

The information provided below is not subject to disclosure outside of the Russian Federation and does not constitute an offer or an invitation to make offers and is not intended to make any transactions, including transactions with securities or transactions aimed at making transactions with securities. This text describes the intentions and plans with regards to shares of the Public Joint-Stock Company FUTURE Financial Group, which can change from time to time and constitutes neither the advertisement of securities nor a guarantee, nor a promise to sell the securities or any assets and does not guarantee any offering of securities or the execution of any contract. This document contains evaluative judgments, which can differ from the opinion of any third parties. Each investor shall evaluate his/her risks by himself/herself, when making investment decisions.

The Public Joint-Stock Company FUTURE Financial Group (hereinafter – “The Company”), one of the largest pension assets management companies in Russia, announces the results of the initial public offering (IPO, Offer) of common shares of FUTURE Financial Group (Shares) at the Moscow Exchange, performed by the Company's controlling shareholder, the O1 Group, beneficially owned by Boris Mints.

The Offer price range was established from RUB 1,060 to RUB 1,260 per Share. The correspondent market capitalization range is as follows: RUB 52.1 – 62.0 bln. The O1 Group is expected to offer for sale some 20% of the Company's Shares in the framework of the IPO. The shares underwent the listing procedure on the Moscow Exchange and were included into the quotation list of Tier 2.

Bids for participation in the Offer at the Moscow Exchange using exchange book-building technology were accepted from October 20 through October 27, 2016. The announcement of the final price, the start of Share trading with the ticker FTRE at the Moscow Exchange were planned for October 28, 2016.

The Company plans that the total number of placed shares will remain the same within 180 days after the Offer date. The O1 Group plans to apply for itself a moratorium for Share sale within 180 days after the Offer date.

VTB Capital is the exclusive global coordinator and bookrunner of the Offer. Aton acts as a bookrunner for the Offer.

About the Company:

FUTURE Financial Group is one of the largest financial structures managing retirement assets in Russia. It manages 5 leading non-state pension funds that perform mandatory pension insurance and non-state pension insurance, including:
the largest fund – NPF FUTURE (established as a result of the consolidation of NPF BLAGOSOSTOYANIE OPS and NPF StalFond, which is the 2nd largest by the number of clients and the 3rd largest by the amount of pension savings as stated by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as of June 30, 2016), NPF Telecom-Soyuz (the 3rd largest by the number of NPI program participants), NPF Obrazovaniye, NPF Uralsib and NPF Our Future (formerly known as NPF Russian Standard). Presently, NPF Uralsib and NPF Our Future are under a merger with NPF FUTURE.

The total amount of the assets managed by the Group comprises RUB 274 bln, including more than RUB 245 bln of pension savings and RUB 28.5 bln of pension reserves. The number of mandatory pension insurance clients and non-state pension insurance clients exceeds 4.5 mln people. All of the Group's funds are included into the insured people's rights guarantee system.