Nov 27, 2017
PJSC FG FUTURE schedules extraordinary general shareholders meeting for january 26, 2018

Moscow, Russia – November 24, 2017 – To improve the quality of corporate governance level and align the company's incorporation documents in accordance with legislative amendments, the Board of Directors has resolved to hold an Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting on January 26, 2018 at 11:00 MSK at 2, Tsvetnoy Boulevard, floor 4, Moscow. Persons, who have the right to participate in the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting, shall be determined as of December 5, 2017.

The following items are included in the agenda:

1.      Early termination of powers of the Board of Directors of PJSC FG FUTURE.

2.      Determination of the number of members of the Board of Directors of PJSC FG FUTURE.

3.      Election of members of the Board of Directors of PJSC FG FUTURE.

4.      Approval of the revised Charter of PJSC FG FUTURE.

5.      Participation of PJSC FG FUTURE in Private Pension Funds Association Alliance of Pension Funds.

Comments and explanation to the agenda items. Marina Rudneva, CEO of FG FUTURE,

-        "The Group has asserted itself as one of the major players on the pension market during the first year of operating as a public entity. The key stages of consolidation and M&A deals are over, so today we are a self-reliant and well-developed market player with a sufficient level of expertise. During this period, the industry faced new challenges, and due to a combination of reasons we see it appropriate to change the structure and membership of corporate governance and strengthen the Board's existing membership. We continue focusing our efforts on creating an effective system of corporate relations within the Group that enables a common approach to all pension funds included in the Group. December 26, 2017 is the deadline for acceptance of proposals by our shareholders on the candidates to be elected to the Board of Directors of PJSC FG FUTURE." 

-        "The Group is planning to align the company's current Charter in accordance with legislative amendments (Federal Law No. 208-FZ of December 26, 1995, as in force on July 29, 2017) and approve revised Charter of PJSC FG FUTURE."

-        "The Group has submitted an application for participation in Private Pension Funds Association Alliance of Pension Funds (ANPF) as an associated member. In accordance with sub-clause 18, clause 1, article 18 of the Federal Law No. 208-FZ of December 26, 1995 On Joint Stock Companies (as in force on July 29, 2017), the Group is obliged to submit an issue of participation in financial and industrial groups, associations and other associations of commercial organizations to the General Shareholders Meeting."

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About the company:


FUTURE Financial Group is one of the largest investment companies in Russia performing pension asset management. It manages three leading private pension funds performing compulsory pension insurance and non-state pension insurance, including: the largest fund NPF FUTURE (established as a result of consolidation of NPF BLAGOSOSTOYANIE OPS and NPF StalFond, which is the 3rd largest by the number of clients and the 3rd largest by the amount of pension savings as stated by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as of June 30, 2017), NPF Telecom-Soyuz (included in Top-10 of private pension funds: the 7th largest by the number of pension reserves and the 4th largest by NPI program participants), and NPF Obrazovaniye. As of June 30, 2017, the total amount of assets managed by the Group reached RUB 334.1 bln, including more than RUB 297 bln of pension savings and RUB 24.8 bln of pension reserves. The number of CPI and NPI clients exceeds 5.1 mln people. All of the Group's funds are included in the Insured Person's Rights Guarantee System.