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Oct 19, 2016

Author: Marina Rudneva

What stimulated the pension market?

Perhaps, everyone deserves a fulfilling and safe retirement and having a pension certainly is a basis for that. The current pension market has a large variety of services available to customers. Furthermore, the pension system in Russia recently went through a number of changes

Oct 14, 2016

Author: Marina Rudneva

The pension group of Boris Mints’ funds is preparing for an IPO

The PJCS FUTURE Financial Group that unites five of Boris Mints' NPFs with total asset value of RUB 270 bln and accumulations of 4.5 mln customers, will open up an order book for the acquisition of its shares in the course of an IPO on the Moscow Exchange

Oct 6, 2016

Author: Marina Rudneva

"It is impossible to press the button to switch off one system and switch on another one"

Marina Rudneva, the CEO of FG FUTURE, tells how the “freezing” of pensions affects the accumulations of citizen and non-state pension funds, whether the citizen and pension market operators are ready for the new system proposed by the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Russia or not

Oct 5, 2016

Author: Marina Rudneva

A path to a comfortable retirement

Experts are considering the Bank of Russia and Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation’s proposal to upgrade the pension accumulation system, as well as focusing on the consolidation of the pension funds that may cause a surge in interest of the Russians to future pension savings

Sep 9, 2016

Author: Marina Rudneva

The distant future

The O1 Group, controlled by Boris Mints, establishes a separate entity to manage the pension business. The declared purpose of this restructuring is cost reduction and the optimization of corporate governance. On top of this, the experts say that establishing a new entity achieves a few more objectives: greater flexibility in capital raising by the NPF, additional investment transaction expertise and distancing of the Group from the not yet promising financial results of the Group's largest fund – NPF FG FUTURE