Today, FG FUTURE is a stable financial company, consolidating the long-term experience of its funds: the NPF FUTURE flagship fund, NPF Obrazovaniye, NPF Telecom-Soyuz and NPF Socialnoe Razvitie.

1996 – 2008

The cornerstone of FG FUTURE's business was laid in 1996 – which is the year of its registration and the first licensing of NPF Telecom-Soyuz. The fund was one of the first in Russia to start working in the sphere of mandatory and non-state pension insurance. Its core business operations involved non-state pension provision for employees in the communications industry. In 2003, NPF Rostelecom-Garantia was merged with the fund, following a merger with NPF Svyazist in 2005. In 2008, the Expert RA rating agency assigned an "А+" reliability rating to the fund and the National Rating Agency assigned an "AA" rating. Both assessments determine a very high level of reliability.

2009 – 2012

NPF Telecom-Soyuz took the leading position on the non-state pension insurance market, with a volume of pension reserves in management exceeding RUB 15 bln. The number of clients participating in corporate pension programs has exceeded 460 thousand people, of which more than 115 thousand are already receiving a non-state pension.


Control over NPF Telecom-Soyuz passed to the O1 Group – a holding company owning and managing assets in various sectors of the economy, including real estate and finance.

In December 2013, the O1 Group expanded its presence in the pension market by acquiring NPF StalFond. The fund was established in 1996 to manage corporate pension programs for the enterprises of the Severstal industrial group. By the time the O1 Group structures acquired NPF StalFond, it was among the largest non-government pension funds by the number of insured persons and pension savings in management.


In 2014, one of the largest non-state pension funds, NPF BLAGOSOSTOYANIE, a historically basic fund servicing the employees of the RZD holding, demerged from the mandatory pension insurance business line into a separate structure – NPF BLAGOSOSTOYANIE OPS. In December 2014, the O1 Group acquired 100% of the fund’s shares. NPF Telecom-Soyuz and NPF StalFond have successfully passed the procedure of corporatization, prescribed by law.


In 2015, the pension business of O1 moved to a new level – the share of funds owned by the Group on the CPI market reached 13% in terms of pension savings and 12% in terms of the number of insured persons. This makes O1 one of the largest players on the Russian pension market. The non-state pension funds of O1 Group were among the first to enter the register of participants in the guarantee system for the rights of insured persons and thus confirmed their right to work with the pension savings of Russian people. In June 2015, NPF BLAGOSOSTOYANIE OPS, a flagship fund of the O1 pension assets group, was renamed to NPF FUTURE. After that, the commencement of NPF StalFond's merger with NPF FUTURE was announced.


In 2016, O1 has been actively expanding its pension business: In March, the merger of NPF StalFond with NPF FUTURE was completed, at the same time, a new acquisition of NPF Uralsib was announced. In June and July, two more transactions were completed: NPF Obrazovaniye and NPF Russian Standard enhanced the pension assets of the group. As a result, the amount of pension savings managed by the O1 Group's funds exceeded RUB 247 bln (data of the Bank of Russia as of March 31, 2013), and the number of insured persons exceeded 4 million people (as of March 31, 2016). On December 13, 2016, the merger of NPF Uralsib and NPF Our Future (formerly NPF Russian Standard) to NPF FUTURE has been completed. NPF Obrazovaniye and NPF Telecom-Soyuz will continue their independent development.

In August, the O1 Group decided to demerge the pension business into a separate structure – FUTURE Financial Group. This made it possible to perform consolidated funds management by a single management body, combine best practices and, at the same time, account for all the characteristics of the various client groups. The consolidation of business processes helped both to improve the service and raise the efficiency of managing the pension capital of our clients.

On October 14, 2016, the Public Joint Stock Company FUTURE Financial Group announced that the O1 Group, the controlling shareholder of the company, beneficiary-owned by Boris Mints, decided to carry out the initial public offering (IPO) of its ordinary shares on the Moscow Exchange. On October 28, 2016, the IPO of PJSC FG FUTURE was successfully carried out and 20% of the company's shares were placed. Upon going public, the group raised RUB 11.7 bln and the company's market capitalization amounted to RUB 58.5 bln.

At present, FUTURE Financial Group includes the leading funds of the Russian market: the NPF FUTURE flagship fund, NPF Obrazovaniye, NPF Telecom-Soyuz and NPF Socialnoe Razvitie.